Opportunities to Grow


 Ministries of Bethel Baptist Church

Sunday School

At Bethel Baptist Church we understand that only through personal learning can a person grow spiritually. To help with this, we offer age-appropriate classes for everyone in your family to learn and grow. We have classes that range from nursery to the Senior saints with each class having that which is applicable to them. Each class will be challenged to dig deeper into the word of God. When you study the deep things of God you will be closer to Him in ways that could not be reached any other way. Join us for a class that is made for you. (College and career classes are not available at this time)


When you attend a Church service one of the key elements in preparing our hearts for worship is the music. Here at Bethel Baptist Church we have a music program that is Christ honoring and a choir that is skilled in all four vocal parts of music that prepares a special program for Christmas and Easter, and works on learning new music on a weekly basis. We hold true to the “old ways” of Godly music as being the best way to honor Christ. Please join us as we honor Christ in our music.

Kids for Christ & Junior Church

Here at Bethel Baptist Church we firmly believe that we must train the next generation in the ways of the Lord. In the Kids for Christ and Junior Church programs your child will not only learn about Christ and His word, but will have a fun time in the process. Bethel Baptist Church has a fun loving, family friendly, and fundamentally sound environment in which your child can grow in the Lord. Here at Bethel Baptist Church we are training “Kids for Christ”.


If you have a teenager in your family then you know how important it is to raise them in the ways of The Lord. Here at Bethel Baptist Church not only do we have a Youth Ministry that is grounded in the word of God, we also have an up-to-date curriculum that deals with the specific challenges teenagers deal with. We at Bethel Baptist Church have a high-octane learning environment that has monthly activities, yearly missions trips, and weekly ministry opportunities where the teen can have hands-on experience in the local church. We believe that the future generation is key to the spreading of God’s word. We hope you consider having your teenager be a “Crusader” as we raise a Godly army for Christ.

Worship Service

Bethel Baptist Church is not ashamed to say that we worship the Lord. We have Christ honoring music, strong Bible based preaching, and a family friendly environment that is warm and inviting. We are blessed to have a Pastor that cares for His people in a loving and nurturing way.  We look forward to meeting you soon!